Click here to submit an abstract of approximately 200 to 400 words for a regular paper or a workshop paper. The abstract must clearly indicate the contents and contribution of the paper to the specific safety discipline. The language of the conference is English.

  • A regular paper is about 10 pages and describes a mature concept with distinct novel elements and application potential.
  • A workshop paper is about 5 pages and describes a novel concept with development potential.

Provisional acceptance of the papers will be made on the basis of the abstracts by the International Standing Committee of the conference.

Full paper

Please use this LaTeX template (GitHub, ZIP) or the corresponding DOCX template to prepare your full-length paper. Submit it in PDF format through the same submission system as your abstract.

All papers will be peer reviewed by members of the International Standing Committee before final acceptance and publication in the conference proceedings.

Final version

Please prepare the final version of your paper, and upload it in PDF format through the same submission system as before:

  • Take into account the comments of the reviewers
  • Format according to the template
  • Remove the page numbers, which were only useful for review

To facilitate the edition of the proceedings, please also review the details of your contribution in the system:

  • Names, affiliations, e-mail addresses
    • Same as on your paper
    • Firstname Lastname, not Firstname LASTNAME
    • With correct spelling, including diacritics
  • Title
    • Same as on your paper
    • Title Case or Sentence case, not ALL CAPS
  • Keywords
    • Same as on your paper
    • Separated by commas


Please use these PPTX templates in 16:9 or 4:3 aspect ratio if possible to prepare a recorded presentation. Upload the slides in PDF or PPTX format and the recording in MP4 format through the same submission system as before. They will be made public only subject to your approval.

Your recording must be no longer than:

  • 15 minutes for a keynote or a regular session
  • 10 minutes for a workshop

The maximum upload size is 230 MB and we recommend that it is in 720p HD quality (720 pixels vertically). Should your recording be larger, you can upload it in a shared folder whose address is indicated on the upload form.

You can use Microsoft PowerPoint to record your presentation, or a recording program such as OBS Studio, as explained in detail in these slides in PPTX and PDF format that you can use as a test presentation to get the hang of recording. We recommend including video capture of yourself in the recording if you can, but that is not necessary.

It is critical that the audio and video streams in the resulting file are encoded in well-known formats, so that conference staff can play the file without problem on the day. For instance, the following coding formats are widely used:

  • Video: Advanced Video Coding (AVC), also known as H.264, MPEG-4 Part 10, and MPEG-4 AVC
  • Audio: Advanced Audio Coding (AAC)

The current versions of Microsoft PowerPoint and OBS Studio use those formats.

Your recording program should make it possible for you to save your recording as an MP4 file with those coding formats. Please set it up so that it does, if that is not its default configuration.