The first International Conference on the Stability of Ships and Ocean Vehicles (STAB) was organised in Glasgow in 1975 by Prof. Chengi Kuo. It would later become the flagship conference in this field.

The first Design for Safety (DfS) conference took place in 1999, again in Glasgow.

Building on a combined history of almost 70 years, a joint conference was organised in Japan in 2018 to bring those two series of conferences together, and lay the foundation of a larger event, with a wider audience across the maritime sector, to address stability and safety together.

The subject of ship stability has been a keen focus. It has catalysed discoveries and achievements at the highest level, served the marine industry, and laid the foundation for the wider implications afforded to maritime safety. Indeed, ship safety permeates all physical and temporal boundaries. It embraces and nurtures socio-technical influences to affect and define the lifecycle of ships and marine assets in the most profound way. As such, the subject of ship safety is one of the fastest changing topics, and assimilates all forms of knowledge in the strife to respond to unrelenting societal pressure for higher safety standards in a cost-effective way.

Previous STAB conferences

1975: Glasgow, Scotland
1982: Tokyo, Japan
1987: GdaƄsk, Poland
1990: Naples, Italy
1994: Melbourne, Florida, United States
1997: Varna, Bulgaria
2000: Launceston, Tasmania, Australia
2003: Madrid, Spain
2006: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
2009: Saint Petersburg, Russia
2012: Athens, Greece
2015: Glasgow, Scotland
2018: Kobe, Japan

Previous DfS conferences

1999: Glasgow, Scotland
2004: Osaka, Japan
2007: San Francisco, California, United States
2010: Trieste, Italy
2013: Shanghai, China
2016: Hamburg, Germany
2018: Kobe, Japan